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Construction Layout Survey and Staking

A construction layout survey and staking help ensure Colorado building projects are performed correctly.

Usually peconstruction layout construction staking construction surveyrformed before and/or during construction, a Construction Layout Survey provides vital information to contractors and construction crews. It provides necessary information about the elevation, horizontal positions, dimensions and configuration of the property and improvements being constructed.

Construction Staking provides the line and grade for construction of everything from structures to utilities to roads.

The information provided by a construction survey ensures that the project is built according to plan and specification.

Do you need a Construction Layout or Construction Survey? Contact us to learn more.

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Commercial and Residential Construction Surveying

Central Rockies Land Surveying has a vast amount of experience providing construction layout and services. We provide surveying for commercial, residential, local, state, and federal projects that include:

  • Road and Bridge Construction
  • Commercial and Residential Building and Construction
  • Utility and Infrastructure Construction
  • Airfield and Aviation Specialty Construction

Basically, if you can build it… We can Survey it!

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