Improvement Survey Plat

Improvement Survey Plats, or an ISP, are commonly used for real estate transactions to accurately depict the improvements on a particular property relative to the boundary.

An ISP is essentially a Land Survey Plat that depicts all improvements to the property at the time of survey.

Improvement Survey Plat Improvement Location Certificatecolorado land surveyor

Improvement Location Certificate

One of the most cost-efficient types of survey is an Improvement Location Certificate or ILC. However, an ILC is technically not a survey, but a certificate prepared by a Land Surveyor. Typically, an ILC is used by a title company or mortgage company to provide some level of assurance that the improvements on a particular property are not encroaching into easements, setbacks or across deed boundary lines.

An ILC does not resolve boundary issues. Property corners are not set, calculated or established for the type of service.

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